"Esben Weile Kjær (born 1992) is an artist based in Copenhagen. Spanning sculpture, video and performance, his work draws on the history of pop culture and pop music to investigate themes of nostalgia, authenticity, and generational anxiety. In an attentive though reckless visual langauge, he investigates today’s event economy, often focusing on marketing tactics and the aesthetics of the entertainment industry. Mainly to consider art’s relationship to its surrounding culture industries. As such, his work attempts to not only mimic other cultural modes of performance (such as those found in raves, protests, press conferences, and ballets), but become performative pop culture in its own right—often through interventions in public and commercial space, using props such as podiums, confetti canons, fences, and party lasers." -Jeppe Ugelvig 


2016-2022 The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - Schools of visual arts

2012-2015 Rhythmic Music Conservatory - Music Management 


Selected solo shows, performances, curatorial work and group exhibitions:


Solo shows: 

-Hardcore Freedom - Copenhagen Contemporary - Copenhagen (Upcoming)

-Power Play - Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand - Copenhagen (Upcoming)

-Campaign - Museum of Contemporary Art . Roskilde (Upcoming)

-Dance with the devil - Vestjyllands Art Pavilion -Videbæk

-You can’t fake this monument of movement - Politikens Forhal - Copenhagen 

-Radical Togetherness  - Oslo10 - Basel 

-Club Gluttony - UB ART - Stockholm 

-How to Neo-tribe? - Souvinir Official - Berlin



-Have you ever been afraid - Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art - Copenhagen

-Have you ever been afraid - Paris Internationale - Paris

-Have you ever been afraid - Athens Museum of Queer Arts - Athens 

-BURN! - National Gallery of Denmark - Copenhagen 

-BURN! - DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) - Copenhagen 

-BURN! - Copenhagen International Fashion Fair - Copenhagen 

-You Can’t Fake This Monument Of Movement - Copenhagen Contemporary - Copenhagen 

-EVIG! - ARoS Art Museum - Aarhus 

-More Brilliant Than The Sun - Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand, - Copenhagen 

-More Brilliant Than The Sun - Code Art Fair - Copenhagen 

-More Brilliant Than The Sun - Charlottenborg - Copenhagen 

-More Brilliant Than The Sun - KBH Litteratur Festival - Skive

-Pride is temporary - Ashley Berlin - Berlin 

-Pride is temporary - Vestjyllands Art Pavilion - Videbæk

-How 2 neo-tribe? - Tranen space of contemporary art - Hellerup

-We built this city - KØS - museum of art in public spaces - Køge

-We built this city - Axel Arigato - Copenhagen

-Born to be wild - HC Andersen Festival - Odense

-Reality - Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art  - Copenhagen 

-Level of glamour - The Italian Embassy - Copenhagen 

-i wish i was a punkrocker with flowers in my hair - Karlin Studios - Prague

-Never have i ever - Age of Aquarius - Copenhagen 

-My heart beats faster than techno - DanseAtelier - Copenhagen 

-This could be identification for new subcultures - Overgaden - Institute for Contemporary Art - Copenhagen 

-This could be identification for new subcultures - M.I - Berlin, 

-ATHEN - Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art - Copenhagen 

-Who needs guitars anyway - Blake and Vargas - Berlin 

-Birthday Bash - Nikolaj Kunsthal - Copenhagen


Curatorial work: 

-Alt_Cph 2018 - Over-existing - The Factory for Art & Design - Copenhagen 

-Institut for Succes 2 - National Gallery of Denmark - Copenhagen

-Institut for Succes 1 - Kunstforeningen GL. Strand - Copenhagen 


Group shows: 

-Ghosthouse - Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art - Copenhagen (Upcoming)

-Wearables - Etage Projects - Copenhagen

-Window Shopper - Chart Art Fair - Copenhagen

-Mellemting mellem ting - Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art  - Copenhagen 

-NO REGRETS of tomorrows SORROWS - Future Suburban Contemporary - Copenhagen

-Jugend ist Trunkenheit ohne Wein - Bikini Space - Basel 

-Tending Towards - Tinos Quarry Platform / Museum of modern queer art - Tinos / Athens

-Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling 2018 - Kunsthal Århus - Aarhus 

-LAST MINUTE BUSINESS - Adult - Copenhagen 


-Anybody - Århus 2017 - Århus

-Mørkekammer - Vandrehallen - Hillerød

-Closest Thing to Wearing Nothing - M.I - Berlin